Cremas con liposomas: sus principales beneficios para la piel

Creams with liposomes: their main benefits for the skin

You may have heard of creams with liposomes but you may not be very clear about what liposomes are and what they are for in cosmetics. And it is that choosing a good cream is not as easy as it may seem. One has to pay close attention to the ingredients, active principles and formulations to choose the best product for your skin. In turn, if you have allergies or skin problems you should carefully read the leaflet of the cream that you apply to avoid problems. Once this is clear, it is important to use quality products.

In order for the active principles of a cosmetic to act in depth, they must pass through the first layers of the skin, this is the only way to achieve optimum appearance and health. Current cosmetics use the liposome encapsulation system, a true revolution for the ingredients to penetrate the first layers of the skin .

What are liposomes and what are they used for in cosmetics?

A liposome is a kind of vesicle or bubble. It has a double layered membrane made up of phospholipids. These are small but essential fatty molecules in cell structure and function. Phospholipids possess hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. For you to understand, the membrane responsible for transporting molecules. For this reason, liposomes represent one of the most important discoveries of the last decades.

The function of liposomes is to capture, encapsulate and transport the different active principles to reach the layer of the skin where they can perform their function.

In other words, a cream with liposomes will act more deeply.

What are liposomes for: their benefits on the skin

Creams with liposomes are becoming more and more popular due to the benefits that these ingredients have on the skin. Here we summarize the most important:

They improve the penetration of active ingredients:

With nanotechnology, the liposomes wrap the active ingredient and take it to deeper layers of the skin (the dermis or the epidermis). There are two ways to penetrate:

  • Transdermal penetration : through the corneocytes, the cells of the upper layer of the epidermis. These cells are full of keratin and make the skin waterproof.
  • Follicular penetration: they are the holes or openings in the skin through which the hair grows.

The liposomes 'choose' the layer of the skin where to penetrate.

Liposomes make it possible to control the encapsulation of the active ingredients. Our high-end cosmetics brand works so that the liposomes act on certain layers of the skin and enhance its effects. However, this will depend on the size and shape of the liposome, which is between 150 and 300 millimeters. If, for example, you want to combat dark spots, use a depigmenting serum with liposomes like our AOX Booster . In this way, you will reach the deep layers of the skin , stopping the synthesis of melanin , combined with another more superficial active ingredient to activate cell renewal.

Optimal and long-lasting results:

Liposome technology allows more effective and long-lasting results than those that do not have encapsulated molecules. We tell you the reasons here:

  • Increases up to ten times the penetration capacity of the active ingredients
  • Moisturizes the deep layers of the skin
  • Reduces transcutaneous water loss , wonderful for dry skin!
  • Regenerates the skin's protective barrier
  • The encapsulated active ingredients are protected and last longer

Security in its application: Liposomes are nanomaterials, soluble, biodegradable and toxic free. These elements also exert a barrier function between the other ingredients of the creams. Therefore, they protect and prevent liposomal active ingredients from being contaminated with other substances before penetrating the correct layer of the skin. Finally, you should know that making cosmetics with liposomes is complex. You have to carry out a study and mix them correctly so that they fulfill their function.