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We want to mark a new era in cosmetics for skin care

Nonna Cosmetics proposes short but effective routines, with multifunctional products that follow the protocol recommended by dermatologists for correct skin care.

Designing a few steps but effective dermo-cosmetic routine that would improve the health and appearance of our skin from all angles was a great challenge. To achieve this, we work together with leaders in the field of cosmetics and dermatology, designing a unique synergy between each of the active ingredients that make up our formulas.

Using the latest technology in liposome active ingredients, we manage to reach the deepest layers of the skin, being up to 6 times more effective but less irritating.

Today we can say that we finally managed to make the products that we always wanted to use.

  • Effective Routines

    Simple routine of few steps, which includes all the necessary ingredients for an effective routine.

  • For All Skin Types

    Even sensitive and acneic skin. Non-comedogenic formulas.

  • Liposome Actives

    Liposome active ingredients manage to reach the deepest layers of the skin, being up to 6 times more effective than simple active ingredients.

  • Dermatologically tested

    Tested on people, not animals.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish Nonna as a reference

At nonna we consider our mission as a commitment to our clients. We commit ourselves to that commitment by striving to create multifunctional and effective cosmetic products, using all our resources and energy in research and development, emphasizing transparency and having the ultimate benefit for our customers as our main objective.

  • Positive and transparent industry
  • Efficiency and safety in our products
  • educate and empower
  • Give skin care solutions

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