Our history


We were born to mark a new era in cosmetics for skin care.

After 2 years and many iterations in 2021 Nonna Cosmetics was born. With an effective routine in just a few steps, Nonna cosmetics embodies a new way of thinking, scientifically supported, with multifunctional products that follow the protocol recommended by dermatologists for correct skin care.

“As a Co-founder, I felt the need to design a line of products that would be a “closet base” for our skin and could serve both my skin type and others. “ Claudia (co-founder of Nonna cosmetics)

This line of products is designed by Dr. Cornacchione, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and formulated together with pharmacists.


Our mission is to establish Nonna as a benchmark

  • Proving to be a positive and transparent brand
  • Offering efficiency and safety in our products
  • Educating and empowering our clients
  • Offering a scientifically proven product, dermatologically tested.

“Designing a few steps but effective dermo-cosmetic routine that would improve the health and appearance of our skin from all angles was a great challenge. To achieve this, we work together with leaders in the field of cosmetics and dermatology, designing a unique synergy between each of the active ingredients that make up our formulas.” Claudia